Who needs consulting?



The operational demands of a growing business seldom make it possible to hire the all the expertise required for success. Oftentimes it is difficult to diagnose our own problems. This is why a third party outside view can quickly identify problems, develop solutions, and monitor results to ensure that key performance goals are met.

Why choose to hire San Francisco Operational Consulting? The odds of failure are high and there is much to lose. There are various reports about business failure rates. All sources we have encountered report a disturbingly high percentage of negative outcomes. According to a report generated by the Bureau of the Census for the U.S. Small Business Administration, these are the rates at which small businesses fail or close: http://www.sba.gov/advocacy/7495/8430

Percentage of business that cease operations:

30% within two years, 49% within five years, 71% within ten years

These are alarming failure rates.

We begin with talents, ambitions, hopes and dreams for success. Yet, many owners lose everything as they are overwhelmed by the challenges of creating and maintaining a successful business. Our modern business climate is highly dynamic and hyper-competitive. Markets continue to change at accelerating rates, and in some cases we are competing with businesses with lower cost structures from across the world.

Perhaps the problem your business faces is not the danger of closing, but the inability to achieve growth that matches the talent of your team and the strength of your product.


Our experienced consultants are able to help you not only to adapt, but also to thrive in the challenging modern business environment.

Call now for a free consultation. Tell us about the challenges you are facing and allow us to demonstrate how we can help you on the path to growth and success.