Competitiveness is often based on one’s ability to evaluate the landscape from a fresh perspective. Thinking outside the box is not over-rated and if used judiciously, can be helpful in triggering new internal thought processes.


Our years of experience assisting clients with Sourcing activities gives us a unique perspective and facillity in helping determine the best sourcing locations, assist with sourcing decisions, facilitate negotiations and manage contracts on the ground. Our team is well versed in Western product requirements and can insure that product development, quality and delivery reflects the values of your company as well as the expectations of your customersand


China is no longer the Low Cost Leader it once was. In fact, it is recognized that by 2016, labor cost in China will be on par with that of the US. We focus on a Total Cost evaluation of your business activities to determine what are the best On-Shore or Off-Shore solutions

Lean Management

Through our association with Leanmap – www.leanmap.com – we enable manufacturers and service providers to achieve exceptional results with Lean. We help those clients to improve their competitive position with rapid performance boosts that result in lower cost base and more efficient processes, and a stronger market position in the long-term. Acting as their partners, we provide the required consulting and interim management assistance to restructure, stabilize, and expand – solving operational constraints, streamlining processes, laying out new factories, rationalizing operating footprints, and bringing mission-critical projects on track.


 I have known Richard in the toy industries for almost ten years. He is a man of principle and details. During his tenure as the Chairman of the ICTI CARE Process Technical Advisory Board, he had shown his determination to fight injustice, to perfect the impossible and to help to build relationship between the brands and the local manufacturers. He had also initiate numerous new ideas on how to monitor factories more accurately and fairly. My sincere respect for his contribution to the CARE program.
Lawrence ChanChairman - Wynnewood Corp Ldt
 Richard Ellert is well known for his gifted state of natural ability, technical brilliance, old school nous, avant-garde thinking and extraordinary leadership.....  ....He focused on process and introduced flatter hierarchies to reduce bureaucracy, encourage innovation and introduced social and environmental measures to assess a project’s value (not merely economic). He harnessed creative energy, read widely, conducted significant research and structured his large team to achieve inspirational goals.
Daphne-Rae WestSVP - GM at Creata
 Having spent 10+ years of his career in Hong Kong and working with some of the largest manufacturing agencies, Richard really knows his way around consumer products ideation, costing, supply chain and production. He can certainly support a small or large company in any facet of the production and supply chain management and I would highly recommend him in any such capacity.
Adam UngerEntertainment Licensing & Merchandising
 "Richard is very detailed-oriented and produced geat results for the company; I worked with him on some projects here in Brazil and it was wonderful!."
Regiane Relva RomanoCIO at Vip-Systems Informática & Cons. Ltda
 "I've had the privilege of working with Richard several times. He is an absolute expert and authority on all things pertaining to setting up and managing manufacturing in Asia. His first-person, from experience knowledge is invaluable and he contributed to significant time and cost savings. Finally, his honest, forthright and candid manor is a refreshing break from the consulting status quo."
Ted NelsonCEO at Mechanica
 "I have had the opportunity to work directly with Richard on the execution and delivery of a number of Hasbro's initiatives. I found him to be knowledgeable and creative, a true team leader and professional throughout our working relationship. He posses both in depth supply chain and distribution know-how while also being a skilled manager of both projects and people."
Leif AskelandSenior VP - Head of Development - HASBRO
 "Richard undertook the development and volume production of one of our more successful but technically challenging consumer products in 2008. He has proven to be a true and reliable partner, especially welcome while navigating an obscure (and often hostile) local environment while understanding the requirements and standards required to deliver international customers. I would work again with Richard any time, any place."
Taras WankewyczManaging Director at Horizon Energy Systems Pte Ltd
 "I assisted in hiring Richard to lead and build A&M's supply chain team in Asia. Richard is a highly experienced executive with extensive knowledge of supply chain issues particularly in Asia. I was directly involved with a s/c consulting project Richard led for Euro-Pro and one I oversaw at Applica. I found him to be a thoughtful and considered manager with a very solid grasp of the key issues."
David ColesManaging Director at Alvarez & Marsal